Thursday, June 14, 2012

Got Results?

P.T.F.A.R—five of the most life-changing and motivational letters that will ever cross your path. Not because they are a spoonful of sugar to go down with your medicine, a Psalm to give you comfort in a time of trouble, or a song to get you up and singing in the morning. However, the concept of them all, when put together, is so undoubtedly true, that no matter how hard you try, you will never see your day-to-day occurrences the same way again. Living by this concept is not only rewarding to you, but rewarding to the people around you, the people who watch you, and those who look up to you. This equation of letters creates the only solution to the unsettling results that too many of us see or experience in our lives. 

(P=Programing   T=Thoughts  F=Feelings   A=Actions  R=Results)"

What do you program yourself with? Do you program with truth, reality, the Word of God? What information do you feed yourself with, what do you believe, how do you believe that, and how have you told yourself what is important, who you are....etc. What do you program yourself with?

How you are programmed, leads to your thoughts--how you mentally respond to your beliefs. Are you constant? Are you doubtful, or unstable? How are you thinking?

Our thoughts always lead to our emotions. How we feel that our life is going, and how we feel about situations, people, things, concepts....etc. Are your emotions constantly up and down? How are you feeling?

Most of the time, our actions are firmly grounded in our emotions. Whatever we think is right, will lead to what we feel is right, thus we will do what we think is right? Are your actions biblical based? Are you sure about that? We act on what we feel. What are your actions like....

....and what are your actions resulting in? What are your results in life? How is your life going? Are you seeing abundance and spiritual prosperity in your life? Are you seeing miracles, blessings, and faith-filled occurrences? Do you have friends? OR, is your life a "mess", full of pain, unfaithful friends, doubt, challenges with seemingly "no hope"?

Because of our actions, results will occur--whether good or bad. Our actions are based on our emotions, which are based on our thoughts and beliefs, which are based on our programming. Aha! We found the solution to the equation! Your programming is either the source and root cause of your bad results, or it is the source of abundance. For just a quick example....Are you programming yourself in and to have faith? Or doubt? Are you programming yourself in the gift of prosperity through Jesus Christ, or are you preaching the poverty gospel? 

Inevitably, whenever you know the source, you can change your results.

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