Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rubber Bands: "Creative Tension Model"

I came across this model the other day while doing some research on a topic, and was simply amazed at how true the concept was! To begin, here is a quick background of this Creative Tension Model. Robert Fritz, a modern-day philosopher, calls this a tension-resolution system and stretching a rubber band is considered the applied example. As one stretches it, this creates tension and the tendency of the rubber band is to pull back to resolve the tension in the system. He says to imagine that your "vision" is represented by your right hand and your "current reality" is represented by your left hand, and you have a rubber band around both hands(see the above picture). The greater the gap between your vision and reality, the more the rubber band will stretch, the greater tension that will develop, and the stronger the motivation and energy in the system will try to resolve that tension.

Now, this concept holds the same reality in my eyes, however, i'll add a bit of twist-- a significance that applies more to life in service to God. To start, instead of  "vision" and "current reality", I believe the two ends of the rubber band can better serve this discussion when labeled "vision" or "calling" and "daily life"

Often, men and women of God (and anyone else for that matter) have a dream, a vision, a calling, or passion in their life--divinely ordained, or not. However, our daily life often separates its events and regular occurrences away from that vision or calling. The stronger that our routine pulls away from what we're "meant" to be doing, the more tension forms in both our soul and spirit. That tension has to be solved, and will be solved, somehow.

With a rubber band, when it is stretched in opposite directions, the force either pulls the two ends back together  in a swift and mighty motion--relieving all tension--,or it breaks; it snaps in half. Only by Gods mercy are we able to stretch our calling ( whether personal calling or general calling as Christians) so far from the way we live day and our "normal" routine without breaking. (Breaking = death/unusable) The force of the painful release of tension, however, may be a shock, but it's always worth it in order to have a fresh start at a life in complete service to God, and complete obedience to what he is calling you to do. But for many, Gods saving mercy is not chosen.....                 .......only leaving one other option. You fill in the blanks.

Let's not let our actions, daily life routine, traditions, assumptions--or anything else--keep us separated by tension from our calling, purpose, passion and vision.

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