Monday, February 27, 2012

CAUTION: Due To Fear of Success, You Are Now Entering Your Comfort Zone. Please Keep Limbs Inside Vehicle At All Times

Where the magic happens? What magic? Let's find out.

"Comfort Zone" is a situation in which you feel comfortable with your present level of average achievement or non-achievement. There is no real desire to move out of your comfort zone to overcome your inability to initiate or begin something new--something that could even possibly lead to the fulfillment of the plan God has laid out for you. As a result, your ability and determination are not being tested and you remain where you are for as long as you are not prepared to take risk. You move though life aimlessly, with no major goals, and live day-to-day voluntarily waiting for "good" things to happen to you, rather than taking action to cause change.

Its a hard fact of life that our personal lives can not grow or develop in this zone, yet many still refuse to change their fears. A large fear--the fear of failure--unfortunately overrides the yearn for reaching meaningful and  purposeful goals. After all, if you don't do anything it's impossible to fail, right? Yes, well, it's also impossible to succeed.

In order to create motivating reasons for change, we must look at the concept of Purpose. Again, God gave each individual a part of fulfilling his divine and incredibly woven plan. Without following his plan for your life, how can you expect God to bless the work that you already do if it is not what he has innately asked you to do? How can you expect him to give you what you ask for, when your not doing all that he asks of you? In order to find out what he asks, you have to be willing to take a leap out of your comfort zone so that you can accomplish all that you are meant to. God did not design zones of comfort--he designed zones of faith.

Movements and actions of faith will never fail to cause a series of never-ending surreal, supernatural , and divinely successful experiences, accomplishments, miracles, and incredible blessings. 

It's time to leave whatever comfort zone you are in. Once out of it, you will begin to develop, expand and grow into who you are made to be. It's up to you, and no one else, to step out into the magical world of divine success.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Colored Pencils Need Sharpened? Who Knew?

We are like pencils; we are created for the purpose of writing a story - a life story! We are not all given the same color to write with, or all the same paper to write on. We can do amazing things with those colors if used properly! However, many things can cause us to become unsharpened. Some being: Stress, unbalance, and overuse. We allow these things to wear down our sense and ability of purpose-fulfillment. We create dull lines, unnoticeable letters, and then soon, our tip breaks off and we don't even get used because we completely put our own selves into an "unusable" pile.

But...there is an amazing invention that holds the title of pencil sharpener. It creates an entirely new point for the pencil, and renews it's ability! When our tip becomes dull, we don't become "unusable"... it just means we need some TLC.

Without a handy-dandy sharpener, then our life becomes an unsharpened and broken-tipped pencil - it has no point! the story is written.

Find something that re-sharpens you; something that renews your "writing" ability: The bible, a specific verse or quote, prayer, music, friends, a chiropractic adjustment, a clear conscience, sleep, hobby,....the list is endless.

They only way you are ever going to be unusable, is if you never find a way to make yourself usable.

Do you see all the colors of the pencils in the picture above? Together they make a beautiful picture, don't they? Each one is so unique, yet when put together, they are used and seen as one gorgeous masterpiece. Look at the beauty that we, as people, are able to produce when our gifts and abilities and goals are used together. Just a thought!)

An Unignorable Ingredient

For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do (Ephesians 2:1).
Two points in this verse:
1. God created you. You are not an accident.
2. God has a plan for you. You have a Purpose in life.

Every life has a Purpose--a Purpose to which it can give the energies of it's mind and the enthusiasm of it's heart because Purpose is a divine and powerful engine that drives and directs our lives in order to accomplish Gods plan. 

This Purpose is not ordinary and general for everyone, it is given uniquely to every individual. No one has the same mission to accomplish, and no one has the same gifts and abilities to accomplish that mission. Those extraordinary gifts and abilities are sitting inside of us waiting to be used, and these gifts give us the potential to do everything that we are meant to do. In order to tap into this potentiality that exists in all of us, we have to understand and conceive that finding our Purpose, and striving to accomplish it, is a very important ingredient to a fulfilling life. 

Find Your's.