Saturday, February 25, 2012

Colored Pencils Need Sharpened? Who Knew?

We are like pencils; we are created for the purpose of writing a story - a life story! We are not all given the same color to write with, or all the same paper to write on. We can do amazing things with those colors if used properly! However, many things can cause us to become unsharpened. Some being: Stress, unbalance, and overuse. We allow these things to wear down our sense and ability of purpose-fulfillment. We create dull lines, unnoticeable letters, and then soon, our tip breaks off and we don't even get used because we completely put our own selves into an "unusable" pile.

But...there is an amazing invention that holds the title of pencil sharpener. It creates an entirely new point for the pencil, and renews it's ability! When our tip becomes dull, we don't become "unusable"... it just means we need some TLC.

Without a handy-dandy sharpener, then our life becomes an unsharpened and broken-tipped pencil - it has no point! the story is written.

Find something that re-sharpens you; something that renews your "writing" ability: The bible, a specific verse or quote, prayer, music, friends, a chiropractic adjustment, a clear conscience, sleep, hobby,....the list is endless.

They only way you are ever going to be unusable, is if you never find a way to make yourself usable.

Do you see all the colors of the pencils in the picture above? Together they make a beautiful picture, don't they? Each one is so unique, yet when put together, they are used and seen as one gorgeous masterpiece. Look at the beauty that we, as people, are able to produce when our gifts and abilities and goals are used together. Just a thought!)

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